Connecting with true nourishment

Late summer is the time for the Earth element in the Chinese Medicine system. It is the time for the harvest and great abundance of available fresh nutrients for nourishing ourselves. The Spleen and Stomach are the primary organs and meridians in the Earth Element and digestion and assimilation of nutrients is the primary function on a physical level. Imbalance...[ read more ]

Opening the Gateway to the Heart

As we move through life, we are continually beckoned toward our souls calling. It’s a deep resonate voice, which you would think should be loud and clear. Our natural state is to follow our heart’s joy.  So why is it so many of us question our life’s path and wonder what is our purpose and passions? Then there is another segment...[ read more ]

Spring Mind Cleanse

Spring is a natural time for cleansing and detoxification in Chinese Medicine. In my previous post, I presented simple ways to detox on a physical level. There are also ways to work on clearing your thoughts and emotions. Eliminating negative thought patterns can help to improve your outlook on life as well as reduce unnecessary obstacles that occur due to...[ read more ]

Spring Cleanse for increasing creativity

Spring is the time for new beginnings. It’s the time for the seeds of creativity to come into physical form. In Chinese Medicine, it is the time for the Wood Element, which rules the Liver and Gall Bladder organs. When these organs are in balance, the energy of Spring naturally flows toward bringing ideas into form. When they are out...[ read more ]

Water Element

We are nearly ½ way through the winter season and the days are already getting longer, which I am thankful for. Winter is the season for the Water Element in Chinese medicine, the Kidney and Bladder Meridians. The gift that winter brings with shorter days, longer nights is rest and drawing our energy inward versus out. If you tend to...[ read more ]

Letting Go

Metal Element – Letting go The first two months of our Fall season have passed, and in another month we fully transition to Winter. So there is still time to take advantage of the energies of Fall – which is ruled by Metal in the 5 Element system. Fall is a time for letting go of things that no longer...[ read more ]

Staying Well through the cold season.

It may be feeling more like winter, but we still have a full month of Fall. In Chinese Medicine Fall is the season for the Metal Element. On a physical level it rules our immune system and respiratory system. If there is a weakness in the Metal Element it may show up in the immune system as easy to contract...[ read more ]

Nourishing soups

I always get excited for the cooler weather. It encourages a slower pace from the busy summer months. There is more time to get indoor projects done and one of my favorite things about the chill in the air is soup making. Nothing is quite as sweet as cozying up to the fire with a nourishing and tasty bowl of...[ read more ]

​Hydration, Hydration, Hydration…

In a recent poll it was discovered that over 70% of people in the United States are chronically dehydrated. Water and Oxygen are the two most essential elements for the human body to thrive.  As babies we are 80-90% water and through the aging process most elderly are only 50-60% water. This is partly the aging process but primarily due...[ read more ]

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