About SPY

We will guide you on a journey through the 5 Elements of the Chinese Medicine System.

Through live and online workshops as well as a video series, learn about this incredibly powerful system by experiencing it in your own body.

The Sacred Pathways yoga and healing system is for Yoga teachers, Health practitioners, yoga students and anyone who is interested in going deeper on the path to self awareness.


Sacred Pathways Yoga takes asana beyond just the physical poses. By integrating the postures with the Meridian system of Chinese Medicine you can take your yoga practice to a whole new level by understanding how you are affecting your energy flow. With this knowledge, you can begin to focus your home practice to your specific needs whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. As a health practitioner, SPY provides a great way to learn and integrate the knowledge of the Chinese Medicine system into your healing practice in a meaningful way. Both yoga and acupuncture move the energy through the meridians ( or nadis as described in yoga ) and the primary energy centers. While this is happening all the time just as our heart is beating and blood is pumping, the nature of these two disciplines moves the energy in a way to create homeostasis or balance, which gives us a feeling of well being. When you get off the treatment table or your yoga mat, there is a palpable sense that something has shifted, something subtle yet profound has happened. We feel different in our bodies, we may even be able to see our lives from a different perspective. Through these disciplines we can increase energy, improve digestion, lose weight, stop cravings, heal allergies and countless other benefits. The question many people have is “How and why does this work?” If we can understand the basics of the Chinese Five Element system and its associated meridians we can begin to understand why and how yoga can provide these benefits, just like receiving acupuncture. With this new understanding individuals can then direct their practice beyond just opening the physical body where they feel they need it, but can also direct it to the energy system as well. Sacred Pathways Yoga provides this framework as you will learn about the Chinese 5 Element system the best way possible which is through your own body. As you wake up to your own subtle energies you expand the ability to deal with life’s challenges and be a source of peace and healing for yourself and others. The goal and mission of SPY is to Empower individuals with the knowledge, experience and tools that can transform one’s life into a practice of Svadhyaya or self study. The most effective road on the pathway to the Sacred experience of Oneness.