Jan’s powerful workshops guide you through the Chakra’s and energy pathways of the Chinese Medicine system by experiencing them in your own body. Waking up to your own vibrational signature is an empowering journey that allows you to access the innate healing abilities of the body and mind. Energetic blocks and subconscious agendas that may protect, but prevent us from fully enjoying our unique expression of life can be discovered and dissolved.

The Sacred Pathways to Awakening introductory workshop is NOW available for purchase on this site. Workshops are currently scheduled in the Colorado Springs area. Interested in scheduling a workshop for your studio? Send us an email to inquire.

Upcoming Workshops:

Check back with us”  New workshops offered soon!

Simply Amazing. Jan’s class combined Chinese Medicine and Yoga in a very skillful way. Her knowledge and experience produced a class that is timeless. I recommend this class to everyone on the path to greater awareness.

Sandy MurrayPrairie City, Oregon

Workshops currently being offered

  • Sacred Pathways to Awakening – ½ to 1 day introductory workshops that will give you an overview of the Chinese medicine system and some basic poses and meditations you can do for each Element to create more balance for your body and for your life.
  • Sacred Gateways to Awakening – 1/2 to 1 day workshop exploring the 7 Chakras through sound healing, yoga, sacred movement and meditation.
  • Sacred Pathways to Awakening full weekend workshops will cover each Element with more depth. Full yoga practices for each element will be taught as well as a longer guided meditation that will allow you to connect more deeply to the energies of your own body and spirit. We will also go over the relationship of each one of the 7 Chakras and show how they correspond to each Element.
  • Sacred Pathways to Awakening 5 day retreat, we will spend a full day exploring each of the 5 Elements which will include a 2 hour morning yoga practice and outdoor activities that allow us to experience each Element in nature. In the evenings we will spend more time with sacred movement, guided meditations and journaling. We will be able to go deeper in every aspect of the other two workshops including Chinese Medicine theory, meridians and use of points on the meridians for self healing. We will incorporate sound healing techniques as well as creative processes to help us open, release and heal.

Retreats: Sacred Pathways Yoga can help you design the perfect wellness retreats for your group, leaders in your business, or others. Retreats can be designed with yoga classes, guided meditation, and wellness assessments that may include dietary counseling, personalized yoga routines, physical therapy and acupuncture. At the end of your personalized retreat, attendees will be renewed and ready to contribute with more creativity and clarity.