Opening the Gateway to the Heart

As we move through life, we are continually beckoned toward our souls calling. It’s a deep resonate voice, which you would think should be loud and clear. Our natural state is to follow our heart’s joy.  So why is it so many of us question our life’s path and wonder what is our purpose and passions? Then there is another segment of people who know what these are, but due to obligation and responsibility, don’t engage in their passions on a regular basis.

The primary reason for this is our belief structures. A few of the beliefs that might get in the way of connecting with our heart’s desires could be “It’s better to give than to receive.” Or “I need to please others to be accepted.” and “Change is scary and difficult.”  We may even know that we have belief structures that are outdated and not serving us well, but without the experience of something outside our known patterns and conformities, we are lost as to how to change them.

One of the best ways to move out of our comfort zone and toward growth, expansion and new opportunities is to nurture our heart center. Listening to and following our heart instead of the mind and it’s need for sameness, will always lead us to what is best and highest for us on all levels. This is perhaps easier said than done due to the many protective patterns we establish around our heart as we move through life and it’s hurts and disappointments.
There is always a part of our heart that is untouched and sending out a beacon of love and light. We can access its ever presence in several different ways. One of the simplest ways is to breath into the heart center. This creates a natural connection and expansion that is very gentle and soothing. Spend at least 5 min. focused in this way, then journal about your experience. What did you feel or not feel during your meditation? Hold aside any judgement or trying to “figure out” why you felt what you did.

Another wonderful way to open and connect with your heart, is through Yoga vinyasa flow. In my 5 Element video series, the Fire Element is specifically designed to open all the meridians associated with the Heart, therefore increasing and activating the heart center, allowing easier access to its gifts and messages.

No matter which way you choose, if you are wanting to access the wisdom and guidance of your heart center you will find the more you connect, the more clarity you will receive. With clarity, there is a deeper trust in moving out of our comfort zone and into new experiences our heart desires.  Make this a regular practice, and soon you will be shining your beautiful heart light while you enjoy the expansion into new more nourishing ways of being.

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