Metal Element – Letting go

The first two months of our Fall season have passed, and in another month we fully transition to Winter. So there is still time to take advantage of the energies of Fall – which is ruled by Metal in the 5 Element system. Fall is a time for letting go of things that no longer serve our highest good. It is a time to take inventory of what we now value in our lives and make the appropriate adjustments in our thoughts and actions to put us in alignment with our evolving values.

Throughout our lives we constantly grow and change through experience. What we wanted when we were a young child is different from what we want when in our teens, 20’s, 30’s etc.. Change and growth are necessary, but can also be scary. Many of us would rather cling to certainty and what is familiar over taking the time and effort to make the changes that would truly serve our evolution and happiness. Resisting change results in stagnation which will manifest in our bodies, moods, relationships and our flow of abundance.

Take the time to evaluate what you value in your life right now in the areas of work, relationship, experiences, health and wealth. What is in alignment with what you value and what you want to experience and what is not. Write down each category and allow yourself to fully express first what is working and then what you would like to experience differently.

Once you uncover what must change in your life to meet your new values, you can take the steps that allow those changes to occur. Without the self -inquiry and discovery, you are at the whim of what you have already created. The only change that can lead to true happiness and joy are those that are directed from the level of your true self or soul. This is where a consistent yoga practice can be an extremely valuable tool. It leads you to connection with your soul and higher guidance, allowing you access to what your soul is calling forth from you now.

The Metal Element practice was designed specifically to encourage the energies of letting-go, forgiveness and facilitating the deep connection with your inner core. When you initiate the work through the body, the mind naturally let’s go and it becomes easier to shift from the familiar and even welcome the next phase of growth.

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