"The Road to Healing Begins Here"

Jan Mead is a practicing Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, Certified Yoga instructor and Creator of the Sacred Pathways Yoga system.

​Jan began as a Physical Therapist, graduating from the University of Missouri in 1991. After 5 years of practice, she decided she really wanted to know more about what causes chronic disease and the degenerative process. This led her to the study of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at the Northwest Institute in Seattle, WA. The holistic nature of the 5 Elements enabled her to begin looking at health and wellness in a whole new way. Instead of isolating disease to one area, Chinese Medicine connects the system as a whole which includes what you eat, how you think, what activities you engage in, relationships in your life, or absence of them as well as the environments you choose to work and play. During her studies there, she felt like everyone could benefit from this knowledge as it provides such a great framework for understanding the direct relationship between the life we are choosing to live and how that manifests in our physical body.

Our Mission

Holistic Healthcare at it's best!

When Jan began her training in acupuncture, she had initially thought this would replace the modality of physical therapy. As she began her practice, she realized that the discipline of physical therapy was a wonderful adjunct to Acupuncture and vice versa. She continued in depth studies in holistic techniques in PT such as Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release and the Myokinesthetic System Technique. All of which involve an approach that connects the individual areas of the body to the whole. One of the keys to study in these areas was an in depth experience of each. Without the component of personal experience with each technique, it is more difficult to relate the healing potential of the modality to the client. The same goes with every individual. It is the experience of a positive effect that is the catalyst for change. There needs to be not only a perceived intellectual value of a modality or a lifestyle modification, but an experience of the benefit or an eye opening experience of the deficit that gives the motivation for staying engaged.



What people say about us
  • “I feel so blessed that you were in my life at this critical time. I felt like it was a true miracle to have you along side of me and my fertility journey. I was able to let go of fear and trust my body again. Your energy and kindness will forever be embedded in me. I would recommend you to anyone, anywhere!”

    Jenny, Oregon
  • “I am so grateful for all your care and expertise! I can’t thank you enough. I am so glad I am back to enjoying the activities I love!”

    Sharon, Oregon
    Headaches and Migraines
  • “Boy, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am able to enjoy my retirement now. I wasn’t sure if that was possible.”

    Tom, Oregon
    Acute and chronic pain
  • “I am amazed how quickly I was able to get back to my life. I was afraid I would always have some degree of pain. Thank you, Thank you!”

    Amanda, Oregon
    Acute and chronic pain