Jan is passionate about supporting couples on their journey to becoming parents. Whether it is to prepare for pregnancy and birth to optimize the health of the Mom and baby or if couples have been trying for years without success, we will design an individualized plan of care to make the journey easier. Through her own 6-year struggle with secondary infertility, Jan was surprised by the one thing that finally allowed her to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby boy at age 43. Read her full story here.

Jan has since dedicated much time and research in leveraging her skills as a Physical Therapist and Acupuncturist to develop The 3 Keys to Unlocking Fertility Naturally. Most fertility methods focus on addressing hormones and the menstrual cycle, but one major thing that is often overlooked is treating the pelvis and the pelvic floor itself. As a Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Jan is able to evaluate and treat imbalances in the pelvis that may be contributing to the inability to conceive. For many of her patients, it has ended up being the primary key to success.

The 2nd key is treating underlying issues such as autoimmune disease, digestive issues, poor immune system function, chronic stress, anxiety, poor sleep and of course regulate hormone function, support egg production. Often, it is the underlying issues that are directly impairing hormonal production and thus disrupting the menstrual cycle. This is primarily treated through prioritizing issues and applying Acupuncture and herbs to bring balance back to your system.

The 3rd key is addressing the need for mental and emotional support through your journey. In this area we will look at 4 main areas that are often overlooked and may be a component in relieving stress. I often find that many couples are struggling with the planning and responsibility a new family member will bring. By directly confronting fears and insecurities that may be arising, greater clarity and ease can be found on your journey to becoming a parent.

Below is a visual framework that outlines the 3 keys and shows all the areas that are evaluated and addressed throughout your course of care.

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