Fertility story

I was once in your shoes. Obsessively tracking my ovulation cycles, researching everything I could that might enhance my fertility, considering adoption, wondering if I would ever have the family I truly desired. I had often wished there would be a practitioner who could evaluate me on all levels and determine the potential factors that were contributing to my difficulties in a holistic and comprehensive way.  The experience of infertility for any couple is a challenging journey on all levels of mind, body and emotions. It is not a journey to be taken without support. I discovered this the hard way.

I had gotten pregnant easily with my first child, my daughter. I had chosen to do a home birth and a 36-hour labor left my body and mind a bit traumatized.  2 years later, I felt ready to try again as I truly desired to have another child. Again, I got pregnant rather quickly, but this time I knew something was off. Within the first 3 weeks I began spotting and at 6 weeks, I thought I had a miscarriage which was confirmed by my mid-wife. 3 weeks later, I became very light- headed and became progressively nauseous. I intuitively knew I had an ectopic pregnancy. At 9 weeks into the first trimester, this was a very dangerous situation and I found myself having an ultrasound within a few hours of a conversation with a triage nurse. I then found myself driving straight to the ER for an emergency surgery to address what had been confirmed as an ectopic pregnancy. It had progressed to internal bleeding and my life was literally in danger.

I recovered well from the surgery, but again was traumatized by the experience. I still desired another child but began to doubt it as a possibility because I had one less fallopian tube and was nearing 38 years old. Fast forward 4 years later, after another miscarriage and much diligence with diet, exercise and ovulation tracking, my husband and I decided it was time to accept our family of 3. We did not consider IVF due to the expense and lack of resources where we lived at the time. This decision was very difficult for me as I still had a strong feeling that I was meant to have another child. It was a feeling I just could not shake.

Shortly after this decision, I attended a Myofascial release intensive with one of my Mentors. This opportunity was one on one training and included a few treatments. After my first session, it was suggested I needed some pelvic floor work which was planned for my next appointment. The experience was very intense as I had restrictions and pain that I was not aware of. The scope of what I had been holding onto was incredible to me as I thought I was connected and sensitive to my body. I felt a huge shift not only physically, but emotionally after that session. I felt like a different person.

The very next month, I became pregnant with my son. It was a huge eye- opening experience for me as I had not realized that the restrictions in my pelvic floor was the root cause of my inability to sustain a pregnancy. This was such a gift to me and my family! I decided I wanted to help other women achieve the same results and give others the gift I had been given. This led to many courses and years of research on how I might leverage my gifts as an Acupuncturist and Physical therapist to optimize pregnancy outcomes for other couples.

Since this time, I have developed a synergistic method that has worked time and again for other women seeking to get pregnant naturally. It involves examining and addressing 3 key elements that are crucial for fertility, but often overlooked by conventional methods.

3 Keys to Unlocking Fertility

  1. Align: Addressing the physical structures involved with pregnancy including the pelvis, pelvic floor and myofascial restrictions in the abdominal cavity.
  2. Harmonize: Balancing underlying issues that are compromising hormone balance and or the function of the nervous system.
  3. Support: Taking a deep dive into the mental and emotional piece of infertility.

I know from personal experience what a challenge this journey can be and how valuable a customized road map can ease your mind and provide a platform for confidence through the process. Have you had your pelvic alignment or pelvic floor addressed in your assessments?  Have you had underlying issues identified and addressed in your current interventions? Do you feel fully supported on an emotional and mental level through your journey?  If you said yes to any of these questions, that is great! But if even one of these components is missing, then the one key to unlocking your fertility may still be discovered.

If you feel like any or all these components have been missed, I offer a comprehensive evaluation that addresses all 3 keys. We then identify your priority issues and create an individualized plan of care based on findings. For example, with one of my clients, Jenny, when we did her comprehensive evaluation, we identified issues in all 3 areas but prioritized scarring from a previous C-section as being primary. When she became pregnant 5 weeks after we began our sessions (After nearly 7 years of trying other fertility treatments) we had addressed her 1st priority and had only touched on her other 2. For her, the C-section scarring was the key that unlocked her fertility.

The success of assisted reproductive methods are around 30% for women 35 and under and only 11.5% for women over 35. Many women who come to my practice don’t know there are other factors that significantly affected their ability to become pregnant beyond hormones, egg and sperm production. One study shows that MFR techniques performed in the lower abdomen increased pregnancy rates for a small test group by 60%. Acupuncture has been shown to increase pregnancy rates by up to 50%. Combining all 3 keys, Align, Harmonize and support, provides your body with the optimal conditions for a healthy pregnancy to occur.

If any part of this story resonates with you, I encourage you to reach out. Infertility is a journey that is difficult to take alone. I know this all too well. I am here to provide you with your roadmap to fertility. It’s the map and support I wish I had for myself.

Normally my comprehensive Fertility exam is $250.00. For anyone inspired to inquire further from this story, I am offering the full exam for $97.00 when you call and mention this article upon booking. Once we complete the examination, we will be able to determine your individualized plan of care.