Yufa Collective Agreement 2021

York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) continue to hold productive meetings and work towards a renewal of the collective agreement. More recently, the negotiating teams met on August 13, 15 and 20 to discuss important justice issues, an area that reflects a shared priority. We look forward to continuing negotiations and working towards a collective agreement to be renewed. On Friday, September 6, YUFA told the university that it intended to seek the support of its members to hold a vote on a strike mandate at its September 17 general assembly. We continue to hope that a new agreement will be reached at the negotiating table. Our next scheduled meetings will take place on September 24 and 26. For ongoing updates, please visit: yorku.ca/yufa-bargaining The University recognizes the critical importance of supporting our faculty full-time so that it can advance all aspects of the University`s academic mission. We remain fully focused on reaching a renewed collective agreement that will continue to recognize the important contributions of York faculty and librarians. Last night, YUFA concluded its ratification vote in favour of a renewal collective agreement with York University. We are pleased to announce that members have ratified a new three-year collective agreement. We remain committed to open and collegial discussions towards a renewed collective agreement. Five more meetings are now scheduled for September, starting on 5 September, so that these negotiations can continue to reach a successful solution. The starting point for the current round of bargaining is a mature collective agreement that the parties have developed over a period of more than 50 years.

Through the collective bargaining process, the agreement has been at the forefront of the Canadian academic sector in its affirmative action agenda, consistent with the parties` commitment to justice, diversity and inclusion, and has placed full-time faculty near the top of the Ontario and Canadian academic sectors, in terms of average salary adjusted to eliminate clinical and medical faculties (second only after the University of Toronto for professor stream Faculty, B. for available comparative data). The Employer undertakes to reach a fair and reasonable agreement with YUFA as soon as possible within the framework of this mature agreement. Monday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 6. In September, bargaining teams at York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) continued their discussions for a renewal of the collective agreement. The University is pleased to have reached a consensus with YUFA on two important points. Advertising for dates under this program will appear in specific Indigenous media, as well as on other websites or publications, indicating that dates are only open to Indigenous applicants. A report will be submitted to the Joint Committee for the Management of the Agreement (JCOAA) by June 30, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The report contains information on approved positions and the results of the searches. We believe the call for 160 new faculty positions is extremely positive news for York. It reflects the University`s firm commitment over the coming years to fill long-standing gaps in complements as much as possible within available resources. At the same time, the university has consistently shown in several rounds of bargaining that it is not willing to accept an additional guarantee formula in the collective agreement. It is important to note that the place of financial planning lies within faculties, and we do not agree to reduce faculty autonomy in the preparation of faculty supplement plans, especially given the uncertainties currently facing higher education. We have also made it clear that we would not agree with YUFA`s proposal to limit open and collegial research by introducing a programme to convert the tenure stream for contractually limited appointments. Wednesday, 12. In September, bargaining teams from York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) met to continue negotiations. The University remains engaged in a positive dialogue with YUFA and is convinced that a renewed collective agreement can be reached through the bargaining process. York University is pleased to announce that the bargaining teams of York University and the York University Faculty Association (YUFA) yesterday reached an interim agreement on a three-year renewal collective agreement. The provisional agreement is subject to ratification.

The University was pleased to reach an agreement with YUFA on an equal pay exercise. The exercise will identify and develop a plan to address systemic wage gaps, if any, between speakers and librarians/archivists who identify as women, members of a visible minority (racialized group) or Indigenous peoples, and potential intersectional impacts. To be clear, the university is not trying to remove rights or request cancellations. Rather, we strive to build on a mature collective agreement in which the essential contributions of faculty and librarians to the success of the university continue to be recognized in part by the second highest average salary in the province and the country. During the two-day negotiations, progress was made in finding common ground on several outstanding issues. Proposals were exchanged and agreement was reached on several points, including: The negotiating teams held discussions and exchanges on a wide range of issues and reached provisional agreement on 9 points and several budgetary issues. The employer has made several proposals, including: The York University and YUFA bargaining teams met twice this week, supported by a mutually agreed mediator, to help both parties move towards a renewal collective agreement. The parties have already agreed on several key points that build on our shared commitments to social justice, justice, diversity and inclusion, as outlined in recent updates. These include agreements on an equal pay exercise and an Aboriginal recruitment program. Today, we have put forward several proposals to help the parties move towards a renewed collective agreement with the support of third parties. These are as follows: Over the past few months, the deans` offices have consulted with the recruiting units regarding their need for additions. We recognize that the increase in the number of positions this year has placed additional requirements on colleagues to help prepare announcements in a timely manner, which must be carefully prepared to ensure compliance with applicable laws, guidelines and collective agreements.

Nevertheless, there has been broad collegial support and commitment to the faculty`s supplement exercise. .

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