What Is Considered Employment Documents for Real Id

You will need a document from each section below. Original documents or certified copies of the identity card and social security are required. You cannot accept a receipt stating that the employee applied for an initial work permit. You also can`t accept receipts if the job takes less than three business days. For a list of eligible supporting documents for Form I-9, see Table 1 in Section 4.3, Acceptable Receipts. Examples of acceptable work permit documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security (List C#7), please visit uscis.gov/i-9-central. Step 2: Bring the required documents and the debit card or cash In this section, you will find many examples of Documents on Form I-9 of the lists of acceptable documents that an employee can present to determine their work permit and identity. However, this section does not contain all variants of a particular document, and new versions of a document may become available after this guide is published. We do not expect you to be an expert in documents, but we do expect you to accept documents that seem reasonably authentic and relate to the person presenting them. An employee must provide a list A document or combination of documents (which displays both identity and eligibility for employment) or a list B document (which displays identity) and a list C document (which indicates eligibility for employment) or an acceptable receipt of these documents within three business days of the start of payroll work. The employee who submits a receipt must present the actual document at the end of the validity period of the receipt or when he or she receives the document, whichever comes first.

An employee who submits a List A document is not required to submit List B and List C documents. Do not require an employee who submits List B and List C documents to present a List A document. Some employees (including legal residents, asylum seekers, and refugees) may present documents with an expiration date. You may need to double-check the employee`s work authorization when certain documents in List A or List C expire. For more information about reverification, see Section 5.0, Complete Section 3. USCIS includes expiration dates for certain documents issued to individuals with permanent work permits. If your employee`s document contains a future expiration date: To apply for a REAL ID, you must provide the following documents. Be sure to gather and organize everything in advance before you arrive at your appointment.

We will provide you later with more information about the types of documents you need to apply for a REAL ID. You will need to provide two types of documents to prove your residency. This may include documents such as rental and leasing contracts, utility bills, mortgage statements, and insurance policies. A genuine ID requires applicants to provide proof of legal status in the country by presenting a U.S. birth certificate, permanent residence card, naturalization certificate, or other valid documents. While there`s still plenty of time to make an appointment at your DMV office, we can probably expect a backlog and crowded queues as the deadline approaches. Assuming most people wait until the last minute, late summer and September could be a real headache for DMV offices across the country. Once you have received your documents, you will need to make an appointment and apply in person. Note that all other requirements still apply when applying for a REAL ID driver`s license. This could mean an eye test and the repetition of your driving test. Original documents or certified true copies are required.

For more information, see REALID.dmv.ca.gov. To apply for a REAL ID, you must make an appointment at a DMV store. Make an appointment as soon as possible. A REAL ID driver`s license and an IDENTITY card have a special mark in the upper right corner of the card. The brand is the California grizzly bear with one star. U.S. citizens and all lawful residents of the United States can apply for a REAL ID driver`s license or ID card. Also note that the new REAL ID requirements also apply to cruise ship travel. If you still need a state-approved type of identification, but don`t feel like asking for a REAL ID, there are ways to get your passport quickly. As of October 1, 2020, if you plan to take a domestic flight, your regular California driver`s license will no longer be good enough to board your flight. You will need a REAL ID or other form of government-approved identification, such as .

B passport. If you don`t have either, you won`t be able to board your flight. Most of us may already be in the habit of taking our driver`s license only when we fly inside the country. But starting next year, old habits will have to give way to the federal government`s new restrictions on domestic travel. Legal document supporting the name change, if any: There may be other REAL ID alternatives that are not on this list. .

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